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Original Equipment Replacement

We specialise in reverse engineering and modification of OEM parts.

A typical reverse engineering flow;

The original part is measured to obtain base dimensions. It's material is determined and function reviewed to assure that the quality will be at least that of the OEM part. If required we will review the operation of the part to determine its best possible fit in your existing assembly.


  • After this a parametric model is made of the part using Solid Works. Fits are checked and made standard and tolerances assigned.
  • The completed part or assembly model can then be presented to the client, along with any proposed changes, prior to fabrication for client approval.
  • Once client approval is obtained, detailed fabrication drawings are generated from the model and the part is sent to the shop to be fabricated.

Using the latest in coordinate measuring technology, high quality measurements can be taken from client supplied sample parts to produce perfect parts indistinguishable from the original except in cost.

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