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Milling and Turning

Dataplas Ltd can provide fast and reliable service in all industries using engineering plastics and has done so using some of the latest technology CNC machines. We are well equipped to handle large and small batch components that are produced to a high degree of accuracy.

Using CAD CAM software, 3 dimensional products can be produced to the exact model using either one of our two CNC Milling machines with capacities of X1300mm x Y650mm x Z600mm equipped with a 4th axis to make it even more versatile.

With 2 CNC lathes ranging in capacities from 600mm to 3meters between centres and turning diameters up to 630mm and 140mm spindle bores allows us to machine a large variety of work. To complement this we also have 1 CNC Turning centre which has bar feed capability as well as live tooling the perfect production machine for small or big batch work.

Our Capabilities

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