Dataplas Ltd offer an extensive range of extruded and machined plastic profiles and wear strips such as underchain track profiles, plastic wear strips and plastic conveyor chain tensioners for use in power transmission, conveying, elevating and in materials handling applications. Traditional steel guide profiles lead to heavy wear on steel chain links plates and rollers, requiring constant lubrication.


Our plastics offer unique sliding and low wear properties to help resolve these problems. Dataplas Ltd has trained technical staff to advise on standard profiles best suited to your application.

  • Plastic Chain Tensioners
  • Plastic Chain Guides
  • Extruded Plastic Profiles

Key Features and Benefits Plastic Profiles:

  • Increased chain life
  • Noise reduction
  • Light weight structural parts

Traditional Steel guide profiles for transmission or conveyor chain lead to heavy wear on the link plates and rollers of the chain. In order to reduce wear and frictional resistance, the chain needs to be constantly lubricated. Dataplas offers an extensive range of profiles from stock or manufactured to a customer's drawing.


  • Plastic Profiles,
  • Wear Strips and
  • Plastic Chain Tensioners:

Applications exist in almost every industry where transmission chain, belt or link chain are driving equipment or delivering products. Highly engineered systems allow designers to short circuit traditional structured components when incorporating the range of profiles that have been developed to support and guide chain.

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