Feedworms / scrolls

A feedscroll is typically used to feed bottles into a bottling machine. By rotating the spiral grooves on the roller a bottle or other vertical cylinder is propelled along a conveyor or indeed chute.

The dimensions of the groove are cut to suit your requirements. Dataplas's many years of practical experience and specialist technical expertise can help you achieve greater efficiencies. The latest CNC machinery offers quick turn-around for repeatable accuracy and high performance.

We can offer a variety of profiles to suit traditional cylindrical containers as well as many obscure profiles. We can produce Dwell Worms, Combiner Worms, Transfer Worms, Grouping Worms and Orientating Worms (used extensively in the multi-packaging and sleeving industry).

All our feedworms are produced on purpose-built VMC machines using up-to-date CAD/CAM software. This allows us to manufacture Feedworms with gradual acceleration, giving the smoothest possible container handling.

Our standard material for producing worms is Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPe) which is available in a variety of colours. We also regularly produce scrolls in Nylon, PVC, PTFE, Aluminium Bronze and Oilon.

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