CNC Machined Plastic Components

Many efforts have been undertaken by OEM’s to remove costs from their products. Converting metal components to plastic components in an application can result in significant reductions in costs, design changes, overall weight and waste.

Today, plastic materials include an expanding variety of characteristics for tensile strength, heat tolerance, and chemical resistance. Because of these specialised characteristics, the number of plastic alternatives also continues to expand and can be found in an ever increasing variety of applications. Plastic parts can also be polished to an optical finish when required. A quality not available when using metal.

One of the main advantages of using Plastic over Metal is the fact that Plastic does not corrode or rust and is lightweight. Within various applications, metals often need to be lubricated and can then cause problems with additional dust and grease build up. This in turn creates further maintenance requirements for the material. Thermoplastics on the other hand, do not require any lubrication of any kind and therefore increases part life resulting in less downtime.

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